New Graduates

New Graduates


We believe that new and powerful steps, arising from the combination of experience and fresh ideas, are also very valuable for providing an innovative vision. For this reason, we include more than 50 newly graduated engineers in our team every year so we can share our experiences and move forward together. If you are confident in our abilities and want to take the first steps of your career with us, we look forward to your participation in the OBSS New Graduate Program.

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With our New Graduate Program, we include Turkey’s most talented young engineers in our team!

Within the scope of the New Graduate Program, we provide career opportunities in OBSS to our friends who recently graduated from the universities’ computer, electrical-electronics and software engineering departments. For this; among the young engineers who completed the aforementioned studies, we accept the applications of those who want to pursue a career in the fields of Java, .Net, Mobile Software Development, Frontend Machine Learning, System Engineering or Business Analyst. Every year, we include more than 50 new graduates, who successfully completed the evaluation processes, into our team.

We actively open our New Graduate Program for applications every year!

We carry out the applications process for our New Graduate Program mainly between the months of February and September. With the support of our expert Human Resources team and technical team, we include our candidates in the evaluation process throughout the application period. We complete the process by deciding on job-start of our friends who successfully completed all these evaluations.

In order to gain experience in different fields, we offer multiple options to our friends who join us!

We have established and continue to establish long-term collaborations with Turkey’s leading corporations and establishments. With our team, each of whom is an expert in their own field, we provide project and consulting services in various areas related to software and technology to our partners operating in different sectors. Due to this diversity we have, in terms of both sector and service, we are able to offer our team the opportunity to work in different locations, gain experience in more than one field and specialize in any subject they wish.

We support the development of new graduates who join our team through trainings!

We continue to develop consistently with the trainings we receive from our expert team within the corporation or from external trainers. Thus we contribute to our newly graduated friends who join us to climb the career steps they aimed for faster and to increase their competencies. In addition, with the support of our Resource Manager and Account Manager, we always stand by our teammates when they are in need.

What would you say to taking your next steps with us?

We, as the OBSS team, are always delighted and excited to see new talents among us. If you share the same excitement as us and want to be a part of our team, you can reach us easily! For this, you can follow us on LinkedIn or and apply to our postings. You can also contact us quickly on our web!

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