Career Development

Career Development


We discover, engage and empower our tech talents and grow them throughout their career journey.

We provide tailor-made training & educational growth programs for individuals, and opportunity to broaden expertise in various industries. Our technologists continue their career journey as software crafters, solution designers, technology architects and technical leads.

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You have a People’s person to walk with you throughout your journey..

A People Department teammate will assist you and take care of all your needs as you join the team. This begins with your orientation and continues throughout your career journey with us. You will have a tailor-made career plan based on your skills and passion. Our professional coaching certified People teammates will provide council for your well-being, at all times.

Broaden your experience to become a full-fletched tech consultant

We take part in projects of many corporations from different sectors, provide consulting services and use different technologies. With this diversity in our field of work, we create a productive environment for you in terms of professional development. In the event of a rotation request, we enable switching to areas that have a different technology infrastructure within the framework of certain rules. And this way, we make it possible to reach different career opportunities or new experiences without changing jobs.

Ready to enhance your skills together?

We are a team that embraces special individual talents and extraordinary minds. We fully support such a qualified team to follow the latest developments in the world of technology and develop themselves in this direction. While we shape our working methods with this awareness, we also increase our success by sharing it with the interactive groups we have established. As OBSS, we never forget that corporate success is based not on hierarchy patterns but on principle of mutual development. For this reason, by adopting a horizontal organization structure, we ensure that you can express yourself freely and develop mutually with both our managers and your teammates.

With our internal and external trainings, we put our principle of continuous improvement into practice!

As OBSS, we continuously support the development of our teammates with technical and competency trainings we periodically carry out. In line with the needs of our teammates, we receive help from both the trainers in our internal team and from the external training platforms for these trainings. In addition, we offer our teammates a discounted postgraduate education opportunity at the universities we have agreements with.

We closely follow-up your morale, needs and development with our performance system!

We have a performance system where each member of our team is able to evaluate each other, 360 degrees, regardless of seniority. With our instant feedback evaluation method, which has become a part of not only a certain period but also our daily lives, we ensure that the performance measurement processes are carried out in a way that they are fair, transparent and encouraging to share ideas. Via the morale area, where our entire team shares together, we are able to take action on the issues they specified without wasting time. In this way, we make a point of being there for our teammates whenever needed.

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