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OBSS has been a Platinum Business Partners of Atlassian, one of the world’s leading software development companies, since 2008.
We bring a level of competence that comes with being the Atlassian’s first Turkish Platinum Atlassian Partner, and first in the whole Middle East. This includes a comprehensive set of services that configure, customize, and manage Atlassian products directly to your needs, along with dealing with sales licenses.

Alternatively, we provide training and consultancy services to your own teams so you can install and use the products yourselves. Today, we operate in three different countries with our dedicated Atlassian team consisting of more than 20 expert software developers, and we have solution partnerships of more than 500 projects for more than 200 institutions.
We are proud Atlassian Platinum partner for 15+ years


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Get all the advantages and benefits offered by Atlassian products!
Today, agile tools and methods are more than a preference. They’re a need for IT teams to be able to effectively manage their businesses. Atlassian enables organizations to manage their IT business processes with more easily, faster, and with lower risk thanks to a flexible structure and customizable agile products that are developed for businesses, software teams and project managers. At OBSS, we’ve been one of Atlassian’s first Platinum Business Partners dating back to 2008, and we provide consultancy on license sales, installation, configuration, and integration of the company’s products for a fully realized streamlined process. With Atlassian’s special discounts for its Platinum partners, we can provide corporations with the right licenses at the most competitive prices. Bring your IT teams and your business into the future along your digital roadmap, let’s shape your company’s journey together by including the most tailor-made Atlassian products for you!
Discover our customized solutions and services to ensure maximum efficiency for your business with Atlassian products!
From our founding in 2005 right up to the present we’ve formed a wealth of experience in the software industry. We bring this experience to taking a very active role in the structuring, scaling and management of Atlassian products, based on the needs of each business, along with providing licensing sales for Atlassian products. We offer end-to-end services in six different areas: IT Service Management (ITSM), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Large-Scale Agile Transformation, Process & Workflow Design, and Cloud Transfer. In addition to our consultancy model in product configuration and customization, we also provide training and process management services to businesses based on their needs and preferences. This enables us to lead companies to specialization across Atlassian platforms.


Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management.
Accomplish more together with Confluence.
Bitbucket Cloud is the native Git tool in Atlassian’s Open DevOps solution.
Build, test, and deploy with confidence.
Flexible work management tool where teams can ideate plans and collaborate on projects.
On-call and alert management to keep services always on.
Atlassian Plugins and Third Party Plugins. New or existing Atlassian license installation, configuration and user upgrades.


We tailor our best practices in IT Service Management (ITSM) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) specifically for Atlassian products to needs of each business. Our team of experts develops the most appropriate solutions for all problems on the Atlassian Jira platform in order to meet needs with business-specific approaches.

We provide Project Portfolio Management Consultancy (PPM) using different methods, including “project management” “project planning and monitoring”, “project review and evaluation” and “training” in order to manage IT business processes more easily and efficiently with the Atlassian Jira platform. We work using “Waterfall” and “Agile” approaches depending on the workflow of each team.

We create CI/CD pipelines by analyzing the selected platform or platform-specific metrics, all so that we can offer Atlassian products in the way that businesses can use them best. This allows us to provide end-to-end automation for in-house software development, making it possible to manage each SDLC step with minimum error and maximum speed.

We provide mentoring and consultancy services from A to Z in order to enable companies to quickly adapt to Agile Methodology across all critical business processes, including in IT, HR, finance and purchasing. We meticulously determine a roadmap and vision by evaluating each situation on the basis of existing metrics. From there, we create the most appropriate agile transformation program and mediate the transition to Atlassian products to ensure it’s as smooth and problem-free as possible.

We make sure that from the outset, we conduct detailed data analyzes regarding the business models and requirements of each company to determine the most effective way to integrate Atlassian solutions into a company’s business operations. Then, we create a process and workflow design that will maximize efficiency by constructing workflows using the appropriate tools, as determined by our analysis. This includes careful consideration of all problems our team might encounter with the company and the specific industry within which we’re working.

So that we can enable Atlassian solutions to be used by in-house teams over cloud systems and to make all data accessible 24/7, we help with the cloud transfer of Jira Service Management, Jira Software and Confluence products to the Atlassian Cloud. This makes sure that everything works more quickly and efficiently without any disruptions, even if everyone’s working remotely.  


We provide comprehensive training to IT teams in order to increase their mastery and abilities in both new and older licensed Atlassian products.

We offer 24/7 mentoring and consultancy services to help manage agile transformation using Atlassian solutions as effectively as possible. Any questions or problems that teams encounter will be handled by our experts throughout the process.

All configuration, scaling and adaption of Atlassian products takes place within OBSS to ensure that agile transformation is as quick, smooth and efficient as possible for each business, with the least amount of work and hassle for them.