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For the constant betterment of technology,
we believe in the need to support the open source. 

We have 5 libraries on GitHub, where we share our know-how on computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), synthetic data, data science, and biomedical processing.

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We are founding partner of Turkey Open Source Platform

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We are mentoring to coding enthusiasts

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SAHI - Computer Vision Library

SAHI – Computer Vision Library

SAHI Computer Vision Library has been developed, as an open source service. Compared to similar applications, we enable more detailed analyzes and extraction to be carried out in object detection, object localization and segmentation with the advanced technologies we use in this field. Object detection and classification, which are one of the most important branches of computer vision technologies, can still be performed in a limited way in today’s conditions. On the other hand, SAHI enables the end-to-end identification of even the smallest objects on the large-scaled images. For this, the application can label all the objects on the image by using pixels and colors. Furthermore, the last version of the application can easily be installed via the “pip” software which is the package management system of Python.

Our know-how on computer vision was globally recognized by WOSDETC as 2021 & 2022 Champion for most advanced AI based computer vision software to detect mini drones in complex background.

Check-out 4 other libraries at GitHub-OBSS!

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We work on ML/AI to bring new approaches to globally recognized, contemporary tech issues

Computer Vision

Globally recognized by WOSDETC. 2021 & 2022 Champion for most advanced AI based computer vision software to detect mini drones in complex backgrounds.


Turkish model teaching

Forming questions and answers from text

Open source coding, data processing and evaluation

Synthetic Data

3D modelling and data pool creation based on synthetic data

Data Science

Radar data processing

Vehicle model, name estimation

Error localization and preventive maintenance

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous underwater unmanned vehicle;
autonomous navigation, routing

Radar Technologies

Passive radar technologies

Radar researches

Personal Health Status Analysis

Physical and psychological analysis of self, based on smart sensors

Biomedical signal processing

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EU Projects

EU Projects

Horizon2020 European Union Funding For Research & Innovation ‘Adriatic’ Project Autonomous maritime vehicle technologies co-project with Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Romania.

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