CodeMaster Cambridge University

March 2, 2024
Grand Prize:
Grand Prize will be granted to the winner of all internationally held CodeMaster 2024 competitions, based on rankings.
University Prizes:
The top 3 of each university will receive:
1: £5,000
2: £2,500
3: £1,000


CodeMaster is an inter-university coding event that takes place over a single stage.

You can apply to CodeMaster by clicking the “Apply Now” button and entering your information.

Anyone interested in software, from Freshmen to Seniors at Cambridge University, can apply.

CodeMaster will take place online on March 2nd, 2024.

CodeMaster takes place across just one stage.

CodeMaster will be held in just one stage, consisting of 3 different tasks. CodeMaster began as an online event over the pandemic and it will continue as such this year. The event entails, primarily, one algorithm and 2 sector-oriented tasks wherein the goal is to analyze various competencies, including analysis, dividing problems into manageable sub-parts, planning, research and solution development, analytical thinking-algorithm development and creating integrated solutions. Tasks will be weighted differently and must be completed within a specific period of time, and meet a specific set of criteria.

Participants must be familiar with any one of the following programming languages: Java, C#, C, C++, JavaScript, Python.

The three winners at CodeMaster 2024 held in Cambridge will be announced on the day of the event. Later on in the year, the winners from every CodeMaster event held around the world will be announced and a grand prize winner will be selected from amongst these entries at a date we will announce later, based on which participant receives the highest overall ranking.

Individual participation is mandatory.

Yes, you may ask our team of mentors anything except questions that may lead to solving a coding problem, or questions that would give you an unfair advantage in the competition.

In addition to our team of mentors, our support team will also be accessible during the event. In case of any organizational problems, you may ask anything both in writing or verbally, and we will try to solve the issue for you as soon as possible.


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