A new generation of auto insurance with ground-breaking features, Unikasko!

Creating a Next-Generation Auto Insurance Mobile Platform with Flexible and Usage-Based Payment Options

The aim is to develop a mobile platform that redefines auto insurance, introducing a novel product. This next-generation auto insurance allows monthly payments without tying up the credit cards of vehicle owners. It includes a stop/start feature for drivers who intermittently pause their car usage, enabling payment only for the duration the vehicle is in use. The policy is auto-renewed monthly and offers the flexibility to cancel, aligning with modern consumer needs for convenience and adaptability.

Tackling Key Issues in Auto Insurance for Improved Market Position and Customer Experience

In the fiercely competitive auto insurance market, there’s a pressing need to rival insurance companies that have mastered selling online auto insurance via alternative distribution channels, especially in acquiring new clients. Another significant challenge is attracting new insurance customers, hindered by the inflexibility of traditional annual insurance products which don’t allow cancellation at any time without financial loss. This challenge has proven difficult to address with classical insurance products and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, there’s a notable gap in offering end-to-end service and user-friendly interfaces. The current disconnect between the third-party basic insurance application used for sales and the systems tracking after-sales services is hindering efforts to boost client satisfaction and loyalty. This lack of integration adds to the complexity of providing a seamless customer experience.

Digital Advancements and Client Experience Improvements in Auto Insurance

OBSS has utilised cutting-edge technologies to develop an architectural infrastructure that paved the way for a visionary new generation auto insurance product, transitioning all insurance sales and after-sales services of Unico Sigorta into the digital realm. The UniKasko offering is a testament to this innovation, characterised by its modular and flexible options. This new auto insurance product, requiring just a one-time subscription with monthly payments, allows clients the liberty to cancel at any time, take breaks with the Stop/Start feature, and effectively adopt a pay-as-you-go approach.

UniKasko has been designed as a modular product, offering extended auto insurance coverage with the flexibility to dynamically add or remove elements of coverage as needed. A key feature for clients who intermittently use their vehicles is the Stop/Start option. This allows them to submit requests via the UniKasko mobile app to avoid overpaying premiums during periods when the vehicle is not in use, thus saving time and enhancing convenience with rapid transaction notifications.

The development of the UniKasko mobile app has significantly enhanced the customer experience. Clients using the app have the ability to purchase UniKasko offers and policies, access comprehensive details about their policy, and uniquely make use of the Stop/Start option. They also have exclusive access to special campaign products, can securely manage their stored card information, and easily connect with client services for damage reporting and assistance.
A commitment to excellent client experience has been central to the design. The introduction of faster, more flexible, and automated processes has reduced transaction times, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, the option for clients to make payments without maxing out their card limits through monthly subscriptions and payments has fundamentally changed the perception of renewing annual auto insurance policies.

The impact of these innovations has been significant, marking notable differences in several areas. Revenues have increased, new sales channels have been generated, and UniKasko has positioned itself as a market pioneer. The approach has been successful in acquiring new clients, enhancing client satisfaction, and increasing client loyalty, underscoring the effectiveness of the digital transformation in the auto insurance sector.

Transforming Auto Insurance Through Digital Innovation and Enhanced Client Engagement

Thanks to the effective use of digital channels, the younger generation has shown a preference for the new generation of auto insurance, making UniKasko their top choice.
Satisfaction with the UniKasko product and the digital experience led to 71% of clients purchasing at least one additional product from Unico Sigorta.

Among UniKasko users, 1 in 5 utilized the Stop-Start option to pause their UniKasko insurance when their vehicle was not in use and restart it upon their return.
Women, constituting 30% of UniKasko clients, favored UniKasko due to easy access through various digital channels and the ability to request instant support via the mobile app in case of damage.

The new generation UniKasko product, with its monthly subscription, monthly payments, and automatic monthly renewal, transformed the perception of annual policy renewal. Clients are now informed about the monthly premium before renewal, ensuring client loyalty without the need for new offers.

The ability to make payments without blocking card limits through monthly subscriptions attracted clients who previously considered auto insurance unaffordable, leading to an increase in new client acquisition.

Beyond product sales, functionalities for product-related operations were developed in the Retail Online Transactions channel. This not only resulted in labor force gains but also attracted new clients who prefer completing transactions through digital channels without intermediaries, from anywhere they choose.

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About Unico

Aviva Sigorta A.Ş., one of the prominent players in the Turkish insurance sector since 1988, has continued its journey as United Insurance Company – Unico Sigorta A.Ş. as of September 2015.

With partners such as EMF, a strong capital management company from the UK, the Netherlands Development Bank (FMO), and the German Development Bank (DEG), Unico Sigorta A.Ş. is among the leading financial institutions in Europe. With its rich history, the company aims to be a pioneer in customer satisfaction and innovations in the insurance sector.

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