Incorporation of Foreign Share Transactions in the Mobile App

Akbank Mobile Augments User Experience Through Integration of Foreign Share Transactions

Within the scope of the project, Foreign Share transactions are incorporated in Akbank Mobile. This enhancement includes a variety of functions, such as opening Foreign Share accounts, viewing Foreign Share Portfolios, executing cash deposits and withdrawals in Foreign Shares, and closing Foreign Share accounts, all accessible through the Akbank Mobile platform.

Enhancing Akbank Mobile for Foreign Market Trading

There was significant user interest in trading within international markets. Users were previously required to either utilise a specific application for conducting transactions from various locations or visit bank branches for manual processing. Moreover, as foreign market trading was available through the mobile applications of certain banks, it became crucial for Akbank Mobile to facilitate these transactions to remain competitive.

Saxobank Integration in Akbank Mobile for Enhanced Trading

Through the integration with the Saxobank platform, users now have the ability to monitor and trade in international share markets. Additionally, they can carry out transactions like opening foreign share accounts, cash deposits/withdrawals, and account closures through Akbank Mobile, followed by accessing the Saxobank webview interface within the app.

Positive Outcomes from Integrated Trading Features in Akbank Mobile

Rather than opening accounts and managing funds across multiple platforms, users now have the convenience of swiftly executing all processes related to account opening, cash deposits, and withdrawals within a unified system through Akbank Mobile. This has bolstered user trust owing to Akbank’s role as a dependable intermediary. Moreover, it facilitates the swift monitoring and trading of international stocks directly via the mobile app.”

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About Akbank

Akbank, established in Adana in January 1948 to support local cotton producers, expanded swiftly after moving its headquarters to Istanbul in 1954. By 1963, it had automated its banking operations and grown its branch network significantly. The bank started trading on international markets in 1990 and as an American Depository Receipt (ADR) in 1998, following its secondary public offering.

Key milestones include the establishment of AKSecurities (1996), AKInvestment Trust (1998), AKAssetManagement and Private Banking Department (2000), and Ak Pension Company (2003), along with the acquisition of AKLease (2005). Ak Pension Company was later sold to Ak Insurance in 2006.

Akbank operates internationally with subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands, Dubai, and a branch in Malta. Currently, it is consolidating its German and Dutch subsidiaries under Akbank AG. Akbank offers a broad spectrum of banking services including consumer, commercial, SME, corporate and private banking, and foreign trade financing.

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