Shaping the Future of Digital Finance with “Yatırım Dünyam”

Transforming Digital Investment with “Yatırım Dünyam”

In the evolving world of digital finance, OBSS has played a crucial role in shaping Yapı Kredi Invest’s “Yatırım Dünyam,” an innovative platform that marks a significant advancement in digital investment services. This collaboration is a testament to the integration of cutting-edge technology with user-centric financial services, offering a holistic and educational investment experience.

Advancing Digital Investment with “Yatırım Dünyam”

The “Yatırım Dünyam” platform, developed with the expertise of OBSS, stands as a testament to the future of digital investment. It encompasses a range of features designed to cater to the modern investor’s needs, from personalised investment advice based on individual risk profiles and goals to comprehensive educational resources. The platform also offers proactive monitoring with real-time alerts, enabling timely investment decisions, and includes comparative analysis tools for a broad spectrum of investment instruments, along with advanced portfolio simulation tools for effective investment strategy planning.

OBSS delivered a comprehensive solution to Yapı Kredi Invest, consolidating various investment instruments into a user-friendly platform, including stocks, the Futures and Options Market (VİOP), and investment funds. The platform prioritised accessibility, catering to individuals with limited financial knowledge. It offered a personalised experience, allowing users to track their trading preferences and receive tailored portfolio recommendations through the “Investment Guru” feature. This feature, introducing gamification, increased user engagement, improved investment literacy, and enabled users to trade in a virtual risk-free environment before entering the live trading desk.

A Focus on Technical Innovation and User Experience

The collaboration led to significant outcomes, including the creation of new customer onboarding channels and new sales channels, broadening market reach and diversifying revenue streams. The simplification of financial reporting made data more accessible to those with limited financial literacy, ensuring safe and informed trading practices. This approach resulted in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, reflecting improved service quality and trust.

Technical Advances in Digital Investment

OBSS’s contribution was pivotal in several technical aspects, including platform design that emphasised an intuitive user experience, scalability, real-time data integration, and data security. Understanding each customer’s unique risk appetite allowed for personalised advice and services, further enhancing the platform’s value.

Harnessing Expert Skills for Digital Investment Platform Excellence

The project leveraged OBSS’s expertise in web application development, creating a robust and scalable online platform. The focus on UI/UX design was instrumental in crafting an engaging interface, while the infrastructure design laid a solid foundation for the platform’s capabilities. Process optimisation and CRM integration further streamlined customer onboarding and management strategies.

Setting New Standards in Digital Investment with “Yatırım Dünyam”

The partnership between OBSS and Yapı Kredi Invest in creating “Yatırım Dünyam” signifies a major leap in digital investment solutions. This platform not only simplifies investment processes but also empowers users with knowledge and personalised services, setting a new benchmark in the realm of digital investment services.

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“Collaborating with a team that delivers functional solutions for presenting complex financial information and content in a clear and user-friendly manner to users of all levels has added value to the project.”

Yonca Topkara

Yapı Kredi Invest Marketing Manager

About Yapı Kredi Invest

Yapı Kredi Invest is among the leading broker dealers in Turkey providing wide range of investment services to local & foreign retail investors along with institutional investors from around the world. Yapı Kredi Invest proudly differentiates itself with its team of experienced investment advisors, unique investment products & solutions, wide distribution network and technological infrastructure. Yapı Kredi Invest offers services and investment products via its headquarters in Istanbul, eight standalone branches and Yapı Kredi Bank’s nationwide branch network.

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