Transforming Customer Acquisition with Omnichannel Excellence

Unico Insurance’s Digital Transformation with OBSS

Unico Insurance, a prominent player in the insurance industry, recognised the need to adapt to the evolving expectations of customers in an increasingly digital world. In collaboration with OBSS, a leading technology partner, Unico Insurance embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation journey to enhance flexibility, speed, and efficiency in their sales and post-sales processes while minimising workforce requirements.

The Imperative of Omnichannel Transformation: Adapting to Digital Evolution

The insurance sector, much like the banking industry, has witnessed a paradigm shift towards digitalisation and omnichannel services. Unico Insurance faced the challenge of relying solely on face-to-face interactions through banks, brokers, and agencies for product sales. To stay competitive and meet changing customer expectations, Unico Insurance recognised the need for a complete omnichannel transformation and digitalisation of their insurance products.

Strategic Objectives in Digital Transformation

Unico Insurance set clear objectives for their digital transformation initiative. First, they aimed to develop an alternative distribution channel where both internal customers and individual users could seamlessly complete end-to-end transactions on online platforms. Second, they sought to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by integrating third-party basic insurance applications for sales and after-sales services. Third, they aimed to build a data pool for potential and existing customers to gain a competitive advantage in new customer acquisition. Additionally, they aimed to transition to automated customer and potential customer-based campaign management processes, such as cross-product sales, to improve efficiency. Finally, they aimed to ensure competitiveness against insurance companies offering online sales through alternative distribution channels.

Innovative Solutions and Transformative Gains in Insurance

Unico Insurance, in collaboration with OBSS, successfully implemented various solutions to achieve their objectives. First, they redesigned their corporate website to offer online sales and after-sales services, cater to various user needs, and provide functionality for agencies, experts, and suppliers. This redesign, with its responsive-adaptive design, significantly improved the corporate identity and online presence of Unico Insurance.

Second, Unico Insurance introduced new digital channels such as web, mobile, and web-based call centre applications, allowing customers to complete transactions seamlessly across various channels. This resulted in faster, more flexible, and automated processes, reducing transaction times and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Third, infrastructure was established to consolidate potential sales from different digital channels into a common data pool. Decision support systems were utilised to support sales targets, and targeted campaign plans for potential customers led to increased revenue and new customer acquisition.

Fourth, internal customers, such as agencies and brokers, gained the ability to perform insurance transactions via mobile devices and web-based applications, streamlining operational processes. This not only improved customer service but also saved labour costs, benefiting internal planning and operations.

Lastly, dynamic, responsive-adaptive designs were implemented to allow the organisation to create company-specific campaigns based on agreements with business partners. This digitalisation and automation extended to both B2C and B2B customers, enhancing Unico Insurance’s preferability and attracting new business partnerships.

Transformation Outcomes in Insurance

The transformation yielded impressive results. Unico Insurance successfully established a direct sales channel, eliminating intermediary agencies and reducing costs. They also built a CRM data pool, and lead generation increased fivefold compared to the previous state. Furthermore, they achieved a 15% increase in customer acquisition and significantly improved customer acquisition process efficiency. Cross-selling across multiple channels became more effective, further enhancing Unico Insurance’s competitive edge in the insurance sector.

What achievements did OBSS deliver for Unico?


Corporate (SME) Customer Acquisition


Corporate POS Machine Usage Surges


Increase in Daily Transactions

About Unico

Aviva Sigorta A.Ş., one of the prominent players in the Turkish insurance sector since 1988, has continued its journey as United Insurance Company – Unico Sigorta A.Ş. as of September 2015.

With partners such as EMF, a strong capital management company from the UK, the Netherlands Development Bank (FMO), and the German Development Bank (DEG), Unico Sigorta A.Ş. is among the leading financial institutions in Europe. With its rich history, the company aims to be a pioneer in customer satisfaction and innovations in the insurance sector.

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