Innovative Approach to User-Friendly Support

A Leap Towards User Empowerment

Faced with the need for a more centralized and accessible support platform, Sony embarked on a mission to revamp its support website. The objective was to enhance the user experience by offering support in various languages, reducing reliance on customer support calls, and empowering users to independently find solutions.

Strategic Enhancements for a Global Support System

Key strategies included the introduction of multilingual support, FAQs, guides, educational videos, and smart TV compatibility. For registered users, personalized engagement was heightened, providing direct access to product information, notifications, and a community platform for shared problem-solving.

Advancing Autonomy in Customer Support

Sony’s website has evolved into a critical resource for users in search of firmware updates and detailed product information. With the integration of an advanced search feature, developed in collaboration with OBSS, users can now effortlessly locate the most current firmware releases, making the platform a comprehensive hub for all product-related information. This collaboration has been instrumental in enhancing the user experience and streamlining access to essential updates and data.

Sony’s Enhanced Support and Its Global Reach

The enhanced support framework resulted in a daily viewership of around 1 million users globally, with positive feedback and a decrease in incident reports underscoring Sony’s commitment to user-centric support services.

Sony’s Website as a Model of Customer-Centric Innovation

Sony’s customer support website now stands as a beacon of customer-centricity, providing essential tools and resources for users to navigate their products independently. OBSS’s contribution to this project has been pivotal, reflecting our commitment to delivering excellence in user experience and support.

A Partnership in Advancing User Support

OBSS’s expertise in creating user-centric solutions was leveraged to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the Sony Support website. Our collaborative approach and innovative strategies were key to delivering a successful outcome for Sony and its customers.

What achievements did OBSS deliver for Sony?


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About Sony

Sony’s mission is to infuse the world with emotion, leveraging creativity and technology. Dedicated to stirring hearts and inspiring smiles, Sony continually pushes the boundaries of technology and entertainment. Operating across various industries, including films, music, video games, and electronics, Sony benefits from its global presence and a diverse, respectful workforce.

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