Sample Spreadsheet Automation Files for Time in Status

You can get data out of Time in Status by either getting a file export or using the REST API.

File exports are cool but they are only files with data. If you want some reports using your favorite spreadsheet app, with fancy pivot tables and charts, you will need to copy&paste the data from the export file to your reporting file every time.

You can utilize the REST API to automate this but this time you will need to do some custom development.

To overcome this obstacle for many users, we prepared some sample files in both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets format.

These files include some basic functionality to set REST API parameters and get Time in Status report data from REST API directly into the spreadsheet. You can use these files as a starting point, build your reporting in any way you like and use the ready-built “Run” button to refresh your data with a single click.

For Jira Cloud, see the doc page here

… and for Jira Server/DC, see the doc page here.

As always, feel free to reach us through or if you have any questions or suggestions.