Multi Visit Reporting, Improved Average Calculation and more for Time in Status Server/DataCenter

This week’s release for Time in Status Server/Data Center (v4.22.0) is pretty loaded with new features and improvements.

Multi Visit Reporting

Until this version, Status Duration report of Time in Status only reported the total time each issue spent on each status. With this new version, you can now report the FIRST, LAST, AVERAGE visit durations as well as the TOTAL, of course.

Multi Visit reporting works well with aggregation options. For example, you can get an “Average of First Visit” or “Sum of Last Visit” report.

You can find the details here:

Improved Average Calculation

Time in Status used to calculate the average of a column by getting the total value of all issues and dividing it by the number of issues that had a value for that column. The issues that didn’t have a value were not included in the calculation.

While this produces more accurate results for most cases, we received requests from several customers about including empty values as well. In some cases, workflows step over a status (move forward without going through a status) but want to include that as a zero duration while calculating averages.

Now Time in Status supports both options. You can select whether or not to include empty value issues while calculating averages. It is worth noting here that there is not one correct answer for this. It all depends on the workflow and the business meaning each status represents for the organisation.

You can find the details here:

Data bars on Issue View Tabs and Gadgets

Another requested feature is now delivered. Data bars are now available on ISsue View Screen tabs and Gadgets.

As always, you can find Time in Status in its Marketplace Homepage.

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