Group Duration Composite Reports and more for Time in Status Server/DataCenter

This week’s release for Time in Status Server/Data Center (v4.19.0) has a lot of new features and improvements.

First, Group Duration Composite reports…

With this new release, the Status Duration by Group and Group Duration by Status reports are now available for Time in Status Server/DC. They work just like Assignee Duration by Status and Status Duration by Asignee reports but instead of showing single users, they show user groups. Very handy for customers with a large user base.

Documentation here.

Then, Issue View Tab permissions…

Some of our customers needed a separate permission to limit the users that can see the Time in Status tab on issue view screens. Now it is available as a separate permission setting in Time in Status Access Settings page. This will be very useful for our customers who have a lot of external users on their systems.

Documentation here

Apply Each Year for custom calendars…

Now, Apply Each Year option is available for calendars. Using this option, customers can mark holidays that repeat every year. Much easier to create custom calendars.

The feature is pretty self-explanatory but still, the calendar page documentation is here.

Finally, Gadget Date Range Limit customization…

Time in Status dashboard gadgets allow you to define a date range up to 365 days by default. Some of our customers needed to increase this limit so we implemented a way to do it. Now you can use the configuration file to increase the date range limit as much as you like.

Config file documentation is here.

You can find Time in Status in its Marketplace Homepage.

As always, for any questions or suggestions, you can reach us through or