Duration Between Statuses Report, Median, Standard Deviation and Filtering for Time in Status for Jira Server and Data Center

This week’s release of Time in Status for Jira Server and Data Center includes many new features and improvements.

Duration Between Statuses Report

This report type allows you to define multiple metrics and each metric shows how long it took for each issue to get from one selected status to another. Especially useful for SLA/OLA reporting. 

You can find details about this new report type in its own documentation pages here and here.

Median and Standard Deviation as new aggregation types

Up until this version, the only aggregation options were Average and Sum, which displayed the average or sum of report values respectively. For more advanced use cases, we are now introducing Median and Standard Deviation calculations.

You can find details on the documentation page here.


Filtering allows the user to filter report rows based on report values. Filtering is currently supported on Status Duration and Duration Between Statuses reports.

For Status Duration report, you can filter based on all status columns as well as consolidated columns. For example, you can filter issues that were in Open status for more than X days or Lead Time is more than Y days. 

For Duration Between Statuses report, you can filter based on any metric column. For example, you can filter issues that have a Response Time of more than 10 days or Resolution Time of less than 5 days.

For details about Filtering, please see the documentation page here

As always, feel free to reach us through plugin@obss.com.tr or pluginsupport.obss.com.tr if you have any questions or suggestions.