Charts, Any Field Report and History Trim for Time in Status Server

This release of Time in Status Server (v4.10.0) includes many major new features for you to enjoy.


You can now get your report data visualized with charts on Time in Status main reporting screen. It is possible to get the charts for a single List report row, an Aggregated (average / sum) report row or for the overall aggregated report.

Look for this button on Time in Status page to get charts.  

See the documentation page for details about Charts.

Any Field Report

We’ve introduced Any Field Report to Time in Status Cloud some time ago. Now we’ve ported the feature to Time in Status Server.

Using Any Field Report, you can see how much time a field held any value. It is super flexible and super advanced.

Don’t want to repeat myself here so let me give you the link to the previous blog post about Any Field Report on Jira Cloud. That blog post explains it in detail: 

Measure all your wait times by Any Field Report

History Trim

Finally, History Trimming is also available on Time in Status Server

You already know about filtering report issues based on created/updated/resolved dates. Trim History is a more advanced use case.

Trim History causes the history of each issue in the report to be trimmed down to include only the activities between given dates. It will be as if the issue was created at the trim beginning date (with the data the issue contained at that moment) and ceased to exist at the trim end date.

This feature is particularly useful when your issues have long lifespans but for a particular Time in Status report, you are interested in what happened to those issues between two specific dates. For example your issues have been sitting in the product or project backlog for a long time and you now included them in the scope of a sprint or a project phase. The issues will be subject to many status and assignee changes during this time. When getting a Time in Status report, you don’t want to the durations for the long wait in the backlog to contaminate your report results. You want to see only what happened during the sprint or project phase. Trim History is the exact match for this need.

You can get more information about Trim History in the documentation page here.

As always, feel free to reach us through or if you have any questions.