Any Field Count Report for Time in Status Cloud

This week’s release of Time in Status by OBSS introduces the new report type Any Field Count.

Any Field Count report works similar to Any Field Duration report. The duration report shows how much time the selected issue fields had each value. Similarly, the count report shows the number of times the selected issue fields had each value.

For example, if you prepare the report with “Resolution” as your history field, the report will show you how many times each issue was resolved with each resolution.

Being able to see these numbers for individual issues is particularly useful for issues that reopen and get resolved multiple times.

Another example might be the classic Block Reason use case. You can define a custom field named Block Reason and each time an issue is blocked, fill it with the block reason. When you get an Any Field Count report for Block Reason field, you will see how many times each issue was blocked for each reason. If used with an Average or Sum report, it becomes much more useful since it can show you the average number of times and issue is blocked or the total number of times your issues were blocked for each reason.

Please see the documentation page of this feature for details.

As always, you can find Time in Status on its Marketplace Homepage.

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