Introducing Time-Period Reports for Time in Status on Jira Cloud

This week’s release of Time in Status introduces two new report types. Status Duration per Time-Period and Time-Period Duration per Status.

The good old Status Duration report type displayed the total duration for each status as a separate column in the report. Using our new Time-period report types, you can divide this total duration into separate time-periods. You get to see the answer to “How much time has each issue spent in each status in each year/month/week/day?”.

Especially when combined with aggregation options like Sum or Average, these reports can be even more useful. For example, when used with Sum, these reports can show you the total cost of various process stages over time:

Similarly, when used with Average, these reports can show the change in process performance of each process stage over time:

If you have further questions, you can reach the OBSS support team through or by sending an e-mail to