Introducing Project Keys in Column Headers, Sort and Filter for Status Count Reports and Empty Value Tokens for Time in Status on Jira Cloud

Today’s release of Time in Status by OBSS for Jira Cloud introduces 3 new features and improvements.

Team Project Keys in report headers

Team Managed projects in Jira Cloud have their own set of statuses to be used in their workflows. These statuses usually bear the same name with the system-wide statuses and with statuses in other Team-Managed projects.

Time in Status already showed project keys next to status names where the user was expected to make a status selection. With this week’s release, we are adding those project keys to column headers on on-screen reports, file exports, and REST data.

Filter and Sort for Status Count Reports

Time in Status already provided the option of Filtering and Sorting by report values but those options were limited to Status Duration, Assignee Duration, and Duration Between Statuses reports.

With this week’s release, Time in Status introduces Filter and Sort support to Status Count reports.

Custom “Empty Value Token” for file exports

Empty values in Time in status reports were always represented by a hyphen (“-“). This caused some problems for some customers, especially when they wanted to get a file export and process it further in a spreadsheet application. As it turns out, hyphens mostly are not interpreted as empty values but interpreted as text.

Anyways, with this week’s release, it is possible to use other tokens for empty values.

Possible options are:

The option to select an emptyValueToken is available for UI file exports and all REST endpoints.

As always, you can find Time in Status on its Marketplace Homepage.

And for any questions or suggestions, you can reach us through or