Better Search and Filter Capabilities for Baselines for Confluence

The latest version (v2.2) of Baselines for Confluence was recently released to Atlassian Marketplace. This new release introduces search and filter improvements to Baselines View and Baseline Compare screens.

Both screens now support the Search option, which means you can search for a keyword in document names and/or document location (which previously was only available for the View page).

Additionally, the search clause is now highlighted in the results, which significantly increases usability.

Filtering by Document Type

A document type filter is available as part of the search function on both screens. Now you can filter your documents to see only Pages, only Attachments, or Pages & Attachments together.

Trim or Word Wrap

Both View and Compare pages now contain a View menu and in that menu is the option to Trim or Wrap long columns.

Until this version, long texts in Document Name and Document Location columns were trimmed to fit the page. Location in particular is almost always longer than the available space on the page so it was almost always trimmed.

With this new option, you can choose to trim the text or wrap it as a multi-line text so all text is visible on the page.

As always, you can find Baselines for Confluence on its Marketplace Homepage.

And for any questions or suggestions, you can reach us through or