Assignee selection for assignee-based report types for Time in Status on Jira Cloud

The latest deployment of the Jira Cloud version of Time in Status by OBSS introduces Assignee selection for assignee-based reports.

By default, assignee-based reports (Assignee Duration, Assignee Duration by Status, Status Duration by Assignee) display each user (that takes part as an assignee in issues’ histories) as a separate column in the report. You might want to exclude some of those columns, especially if you have too many assignees in your issue histories or the issues travel across teams but you are interested in only seeing the people in your team.

To make things better on this front, Time in Status by OBSS now introduces Assignee selection for assignee-based reports.

Assignee selection is available as a button on the toolbar. When no assignees are selected, Time in Status acts as if all assignees are selected and shows columns for all assignees. Even if only one assignee is explicitly selected, TiS includes only that assignee in the report. The total duration for users that take place in issue histories as an assignee but are not selected in the Assignee panel will be shown in a separate column titled Other Users.

The documentation for assignee selection can be found here.

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