Cloud Solutions


In the field of cloud information technologies, we develop the most suitable solutions for the operation and needs of the corporations. With our cloud server setup and transfer services, we ensure that the corporations can use their data in the most efficient way by securing it end-to-end. In this way, we prevent the problems such as extra maintenance costs, loss of time and effort arising from the built-in server environments. In addition to the long-term cost advantage, we provide cloud solutions that also reduce the risk of data loss and solutions that support agility, coordination between teams and remote working models. We lead our customers to have a much more flexible and much faster operation during their internal processes!

Get maximum reliability and high performance in your in-house processes by switching to a cloud information model that is most suitable for you!
While we manage the transaction of data transfer in accordance with the Agile business processes, we ensure that the adaptation processes can also be carried out, without interruption, according to the cloud model we have determined. After the preparation stages such as security measures, needs analysis and planning, we transfer specific products to the cloud, as a part of the pilot application, and perform quality control tests. Afterwards, we transfer all the data and complete the transformation process with the necessary tests again. This way, we ensure that the company data can be stored without being affected by possible problems such as natural disaster or work accidents and is kept safe against cyber-attacks

We offer expert solutions for our customers to switch to the most suitable cloud system between open, private and hybrid models, by determining their needs and performing the necessary analysis.



By determining our customers’ existing infrastructure and needs, and performing the necessary analysis, we prepare comprehensive roadmaps for them to seamlessly transition to cloud systems. We provide guidance services, to corporations, in many areas from determining the most suitable technologies to determining technical needs, from team structuring to budget planning.

We enable the independent-use of the resources by ensuring the integration of all in-house applications and platforms into the cloud systems. In doing so, we develop solutions that support inter-term coordination, agile business models and full remote working.

Through cloud solutions and in accordance with the microservice architecture, we redesign the infrastructures and other components of digital platforms that have a monolithic structure. This way, we enable the distribution, management and optimization processes of applications to be carried out in a much more flexible, scalable and a faster manner.

Specific to the determined cloud technology, we develop the most suitable microservice-based local solutions for the current functioning of the corporation as well as their needs and expectations. This way, we ensure that the migration, scaling and maintenance processes of applications can be carried out much easier and faster.

By managing the data transfer transactions in accordance with the agile business processes, we ensure that the cloud adaptation processes can be carried out without interruption. As part of the pilot application, we transfer specific products to the cloud first and perform quality control tests. Afterwards, by transferring all the data, we complete the transformation process with the necessary tests again.


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