Internship Programs

As OBSS, we also organize internship programs in addition to many different studies we carry out in order to get to know the engineer candidates, to discover their skills and to support them as they take their future steps. With our structured programs under the mentorship of our architectural team, we provide the environment where the students can increase their theoretical knowledge and at the same time put this knowledge into practice by using it in real projects.

If you want to start making an impact in the sector, beginning from your student years, we look forward to your joining us!

We are making a great effort to support young talents in every area we are able to reach!
With our passion for technology, we work non-stop to reach ideas that will make a difference by always pursuing innovation and what is better. We believe that the freshest and the most surprising ideas in this direction are hidden in the modern perspectives and bright minds of our young friends. Because as a young and dynamic team, with an average age of 28, we are able to experience this personally in the best way possible! For this very reason, we carry out multiple studies in different branches to discover talented young people, as early as possible, so they can get the value they deserve.
With our proactive structure, we adapt our internship programs to current developments!
We consider proactivity, which is one of the basic conditions of work in the field of technology, among our most important company principle. And we take care to preserve this principle in our development-oriented studies, as well as our services, including our internship programs. We constantly structure the content of our programs so that they are compatible with the changes in technology. Based on our development principle and under the leadership of our architectural team, we dynamically continue our work to ensure that our fellow student get the maximum efficiency from their internship processes in these programs which we always keep in our focus.
We are happy to see our friends, who have done their internship at OBSS, in our team after they graduate!
We continue to grow our team by hiring both new graduates and experienced engineers every year. We sincerely want to see our friends, who have the potential to make a difference in their field with their professional passion and skills, as a part of our team and progress together by sharing our experiences. In the recruitment processes we carry out in order to find new teammates with the same goals, we give priority to those who have shared this experience with us by participating in our internship programs during their student years. Don’t miss the internship opportunity at OBSS to take a strong career step towards the future!
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made some changes in our internship programs!
We don’t want to let the current conditions stop developments! We are taking all the necessary precautions so that our trainings and all other development activities can continue even under the pandemic conditions. Within the scope of these measures, we have also moved our internship programs to the online platform in order to provide a safer environment for both our team and our participating friends.

Internship Programs


Summer Internship Program

The Summer School Program is among our short-term internship programs organized by OBSS during the summer term. Within the scope of this program, a Java-based project development competition is organized among the students. Students participating in the competition are expected to create a project, in which all the details are developed by them, within a four-week period. And while the students are developing their projects, our experienced mentors are there to provide support for their technical questions. On the last day of the program, the project presentations are done in front of a jury consisting of the OBSS team. The owner of the most successful project is entitled to receive the grand prize.

Program Duration: 4 weeks
Quota: +20 Students
Award: Participation in the Oracle Code One event held in San Francisco*

*May show changes due to pandemic conditions.


Java Summer School

Unlike our other internship programs, our aforementioned program is carried out simultaneously in both Ankara and Istanbul. Within the scope of the program held during the summer term, our architectural team gives a detailed four-week Java training to our participant friends. At the end of the training, an exam is held among the participants. And the student with the highest score wins the prize. In addition to this, friends who participated in the Java Summer School will also have the opportunity to:     
Gain knowledge and practice about Java EE services,
Produce problem-specific solutions and the requirements of corporate application development,
Obtain theoretical and practical knowledge about defacto/trend technologies widely used in the sector,
Gain experience in application design and API First Design,
Gain full stack application development experience. 

Program Duration: 4 weeks
Quota: +50 Students


DevOps Internship Program

In addition to the comprehensive DevOps training, the DevOps Summer School Program offers our fellow students the opportunity to work, as a part of our Agile team, on corporate and open source software applications.

Within the scope of this program, our interns have the opportunity to:
Work on On-Prem/Cloud based applications with our Agile team (designing, developing, securing),
Actively take part in design meetings,
Participate in version development studies,
Experience the methods of analyzing and solving problems in applications. 

For admission to the DevOps Summer School, it is first expected that our fellow students are studying computer science or a related science. In addition; having minimal knowledge on scripting, software development concepts, on-Prem/Cloud and CI/CD concepts, code quality standards and security fundamentals, version control concepts and basic testing principles are among the qualifications sought from the candidates.    

Program Duration: 4 weeks
Quota: 15 Students


ALM Summer Program

Our fellow students who want to specialize in the field of ALM((Application Lifecycle Management), which covers the entire product or project life cycle, come together at the OBSS ALM Internship Program! Within this program they increase their knowledge by sharing their experiences with our teammates, each of whom is an expert in their field. 
The ALM Internship Program contents consist of:
Basic training on Atlassian products such as Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence,  
Jira Software ve Jira Service Management araçları ile iş akışı (workflow) tasarımı,
General information and practice regarding the add-ons in the Atlassian ecosystem,
Preparation of solution design with the Atlassian ecosystem and the tools in the product family,
Gaining basic knowledge on the Project Portfolio Management (PPM), IT Service Desk Management (ITSM), Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and Agile Project Management processes. oluşturuyor.
Our fellow students participating in the program are expected to carry out two case studies on the topics given to them and to present these studies later on.

Program Duration: 4 weeks
Quota: 10 Students


Mobile Development Program

Mobile Development Program provides our participating friends with the opportunity to gain experience in native-mobile application development. During the four-week program period, students receive hands-on training from our architectural team. At the end of the training, the achievements of the participants are evaluated in detail by our team. 

Program Duration: 4 weeks
Quota: 15 Students


Machine Learning Program

Our Machine Learning Summer School Internship Program provides our fellow students with the opportunity to gain real experiences in the fields such as computer vision, natural language processing and data science. Students who are interested in the field of Machine learning and actively continue their development towards this area are accepted to this program. Our interns get together with our team, who is an expert within the scope of this program, and work on real problems. And they are able to fully take part in the research, modeling and software development phases that are carried out by our team. 

Program Duration: 4 weeks
Quota: 4 Students

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