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As OBSS, we draw strength from our nearly 17 years of experience in the area of mobile application development. We develop solutions that make a difference for your customers in technical and design-oriented software areas that require vertical expertise in different disciplines!






React Native

With our experience in mobile application development, we add a different flexibility to our user interface software!
In line with the needs of our business partners, we take our policy of providing end-to-end service support one step further! In today’s world, where mobility has gained a lot of importance, we offer solutions that are competitive and make a global difference by developing the mobile interfaces of software that is intended for both military and civilian users. We transform applications that were traditionally developed as desktop applications into web and mobile-user interface software.

Mobile Services

In accordance with the needs and expectations of our customers, we develop mobile applications that are both high-performance, scalable and reliable, as well as simple, aesthetic and user-friendly. We develop mobile software, from scratch, using languages, tools and platforms that can give the most accurate answers to the operations of the corporations. We offer corporate-specific solutions for the UI components, interfaces and many other features of the applications.

In line with market conditions and changing user needs, we develop comprehensive solutions for the transformation works of the mobile applications throughout their life cycle. While determining our roadmap for the digital transformation of applications, we not only focus on the technical requirements, but also on innovative ideas that will move the corporations forward in terms of brand identity.

From the beginning of the mobile application development processes, we regularly pass each generated product component through the quality control and testing phase. By doing so, we avoid potential issues related to responsiveness and determination level, long before the applications enter their lifecycle. Thus, we offer users uninterrupted and high-performance application experiences.

We create unique mobile applications by carrying out back-end and front-end development works and UI/UX designs that are perfectly compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems. In addition to prototyping, designing and developing applications, we are also involved in their distribution. Together with all of these, we also provide convenience to corporations with their development and optimization processes by using the latest, reliable and high-performance mobile back-end cores.

During software processes, we create a cross-platform code base using the React Native technology, thus contributing to the acceleration of the application development processes. We ensure that the applications can be developed simultaneously for two different operating systems (iOs & Android) via a powerful cross-platform. This way, we make it possible for corporations to have cost savings as well as saving time and labor.



In accordance with the needs and expectations of our customers, we develop mobile applications that are both high-performance, scalable.

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