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Open Positions

First day we embarked on this road, we continue to push the limits of development together with our valuable teammates who share the same passion as us. And we can’t wait to meet more explorers who will passionately follow even the small spark of curiosity in their minds!

As OBSS, we see the individual career development of each of our teammates within the area of our responsibility!
We closely monitor the career developments of our teammates and work with all our strength to support them professionally. For this, we take great care to observe the values of equal opportunity and lifelong development, starting from the recruitment process and throughout the time we work together. With our performance system, we monitor the motivation of our team and listen to their needs. In addition, we create opportunities to support their development with in-house and external trainings. We always appreciate the success of our teammates and ensure that they obtain the development they deserve.
As the OBSS team, we are all building the future together!
As OBSS, our close relations with the universities constitute our strongest direction in our recruitment processes. In this sense, by continuously improving our connections with the universities, we bring together, under the umbrella of OBSS, the minds that can build the future in the best way. We organize our workspace in such a way that our colleagues are able unveil their limitless creativities. After all, we believe that different intelligences and talents feed each other. Along with being a giant structure consisting of more than 700 team mates, as OBSS, we are constantly increasing our enthusiasm for development with our entrepreneurial spirit which we have kept as vigorous as the first day. With our young staff, with an average age of 28, we act with an infinite energy on the way to the future. And we know that you will add a great value to us with the curiosity and passion you carry in your heart!
Our belief in making extraordinary discoveries through mutual experience sharing is endless…  
We want our friends, who will join us, to give us brand new perspectives and ideas with the questions they have in their minds. We are looking for superior minds that embrace the idea of continuous-improvement with the knowledge they will acquire and the creative solutions they will produce. We wide open our doors to real idealists who are passionate about what they do. As OBSS, we believe in the power of mutual efficiency, not in the traditional hierarchy patterns. For this reason and as a horizontal organization that improves with human-focus, we put great emphasis on our colleagues in different positions to create synergy by supporting each other. We continue to work with all our strength so that you can overcome your limits and discover your skills with us! 
Great people make OBSS a great company! Now you know who we are and what we do. Is our story similar to yours?
As OBSS, we provide consulting services to important institutions and organizations in Turkey, regardless of the sector. Inclusive of the needs that these services generate, we invite both our new graduates who are entering the business life for the first time and our experienced professional candidates for interviews during the year, and hire them. For this, we accept applications through career portals or communication organs whose information is available on our website. As a first step, we organize a human resources interview where our candidates can express themselves and their professional competencies in detail. Then we complete our hiring process with three main phases, including technical interview and technical tests. Did everything go well? Then you’re on our team!
If all these conditions are suitable for you, we anxiously look forward to your application! Or you know someone else suitable for this? If so, let us know soon!

Open Positions