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We are implementing projects in the fields of air, land and space command control, high-speed train and radar systems by using Agile methods and practices, in cooperation with our Strategic Business Partner ASELSAN.

The main areas in which we are offering solutions are as follows:

*C4I – Command, Control, Communication and Computer Systems
*Tactical Data Link Systems
*Warfare Management Systems
*Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems
*Unmanned Aircraft Systems
*Artificial Intelligence Enabled Image Management Systems (Moving Target, Detection/Tracking, Difference Analysis, Image Enhancement, Pixelization)
*Tactical Data Link Systems
*Warfare Management Systems
*Avionics and Embedded Systems
*Electronic Warfare, Electronic Support (ED) and Electronic Attack (EA) Systems
*Radar Systems
*Air Defense Systems

We are involved in more than 20 of ASELSAN’s giant projects in the fields of software and design.
Since 2020, we have been the Strategic Business Partner of ASELSAN, Turkey’s largest Defense Industry organization. We are contributing to more than 20 of the major projects that the organization is implementing in the fields of radar and electronic warfare, air defense and missile systems as well as command and control systems, security and energy systems.

We are carrying out a wide range of work in cooperation with three different business sectors of ASELSAN:

• Defense System Technologies Business Sector (SST)
• Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems Sector Directorate (REHİS)
• Transportation, Security, Energy and Automation Systems Business Sector (UGES)
We are developing a new generation of infrastructures in the field of Command and Control with our Architectural Team.
Within the framework of the Network Enabled Capability (NEC) Project utilizing the Common Product Development model, we have developed the architectural framework infrastructure by using the next generation of web technologies together with our architectural team. This architecture started to be used as joint infrastructure in other web-based command and control projects developed by Aselsan’s SST Business Sector and continues to be developed in line with the requirements of new projects.

We develop an understanding about the needs of our Business Partner and create domestic and national infrastructure systems in mission critical or safety critical projects by taking criteria such as “Safety”, “Maintainability”, “Availability” and “Reliability” into account. Thanks to this infrastructure proving itself, we are making efforts to roll-out numerous projects within ASELSAN.


As OBSS, we take part in software development efforts of various systems manufactured for the defense industry. We also provide a variety of software development services for civilian projects of numerous organizations in the fields of healthcare, transportation, energy, security etc.

With our System Engineering team consisting of expert engineers, we provide comprehensive services in all processes from system design to the use of products and equipment. We provide organizations with the high-quality solutions they need in pre-development and pre-implementation processes such as requirements analysis, system design, documentation, test infrastructure setup etc.  We also take part in post-implementation activities such as installation, assembly, correction, discovery, domestic/international demos and displays.

With our test automation service, we ensure that the codes that are delivered continuously throughout the Agile software processes can be measured cyclically and simultaneously. In this context, we plan and automatize all phases such as the preparation of software test scenarios for desktop and web technologies, the setup of the test environment, the preparation of the required infrastructure and tools, the implementation of the scenario run, reporting of the results, etc.

We carry the services we provide to the defense and aerospace sectors one step further with our R&D department established within OBSS! With the R&D studies we are carrying out in many fields from national defense to biomedicine, we are becoming the solution partner of organizations in this important business sector.  In addition to documentation and reporting-intensive studies, we also provide the necessary support to our business partners for their requirements such as prototype building.

With our expertise in infrastructure and our up-to-date technological know-how in this field, we support organizations in their efforts to install, repair and enhance their infrastructure. Within the context of our infrastructure solutions, we identify optimal architectural technologies and technical requirements. Thus, by ensuring that the infrastructure attains the optimum level in terms of capacity, performance and operation, we also contribute to the increase in gains in efforts for the development of novel software and applications.

With our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence team, we provide solution partnership services to organizations in the defense and aerospace sectors for advanced studies such as modeling, simulation, etc. In addition to our various activities in the fields of machine vision and data processing, we are also involved in the production of labeled synthetic data via simulation and machine learning.

With our DevOps transformation service, we ensure full integration even in closed networks by modernizing business processes that are separate from each other due to the traditional organizational structure. We develop agile business processes and practices specifically for the operations of each organization and adapt them according to the right dynamics. Thus we contribute to the faster, more effective and safer operation of all departments involved in software development processes.

We ensure the integration of components at the system and subsystem level in order to guarantee that different systems belonging to large organizations can be managed quickly and integrally. We carry out studies to verify the compliance of systems with software requirements and interface designs through simulators in cases when no direct access to hardware or sensors is available, to detect and report errors and nonconformities, and to carry out preventive, corrective or remedial actions for resolution.

Thanks to our UX experts who have gained many years of experience by working on different projects in various sectors, we provide the most practical and user-friendly experiences for the software and products of organizations. We make use of integrated applications that have achieved global success in order to optimize the software interfaces and user experiences in the best possible manner.

As OBSS, we also carry out requirements analysis studies that play a decisive role in the success of the software. Within the scope of this service, we provide guidance to organizations in creating the most accurate products for their goals by preparing documents about the multi-dimensional designation of the requirements, their analysis, the evaluation and management of possible changes in the projects.

As OBSS, we continue to offer our field operations services at every step of the product life cycle, up to the integrated product support (ILS) phase. We continue to be involved in projects until the products and software for which we offer our services go live and are introduced to use in the field. In addition, we also participate in various maneuvers in which our solution partners take part. By supporting our business partners in terms of qualified workforce in both national and NATO-level international maneuvers, we ensure that the control and management processes of equipment/vehicles are carried out smoothly.

Fields of Expertise

01C4I Software Development

02Security Critical Software Development

03Embedded Real Time Software Development

04Big Data


Realization of software for the command, control, communication and computer systems in the field of electronic warfare…



Strategic Business Partner of ASELSAN


SAHA Istanbul – Defense, Aviation and Aerospace Cluster Association


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Our Solutions

As OBSS, we take part in software development activities within the framework of various Command, Control and Coordination System projects carried out by ASELSAN for the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in order to meet the need for quicker and more accurate assessment, decision-making and command in the rapidly changing field of warfare. In line with the scope of the projects, we develop solutions for the integrated and coordinated operation of numerous host and sub-systems within the TAF inventory.
Together with ASELSAN, we undertake the infrastructure design, software architecture development, requirements analysis, user interface design and system modules development of command and control projects with our talented team of engineers, each of whom are experts in their own fields. We contribute to the development of command and control elements at various levels, from the tactical field to the strategic field, on both air and land platforms.
In addition, we also contribute to the software and artificial intelligence-based reinforcement of security systems used for drone detection and neutralization, which is one of the most important threats of our times, with our command and control software development, R&D, systems engineering and artificial intelligence teams. We ensure that systems for use against unmanned aerial vehicle threats to military and civilian facilities are developed and integrated into subsystems.

The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is a joint European Union signaling and speed control system that ensures the interoperability of national railway systems, reduces the purchase and maintenance costs of signaling systems, and increases the speed of trains as well as the infrastructure capacity and the level of safety in rail transport. 
As Aselsan’s Strategic Business Partner, OBSS develops Juridical Recorder Unit (JRU) and analysis software solutions on the basis of the Turn-Key Project Development model. Since ERTMS is a safety-critical system, security-critical event and data loggers conforming to the EN-50126, EN-50128 standards play a vital role in analyzing the causes of accidents and incidents. Within this context, the Legal Recording Unit (JRU) is one of the critical subsystems of ERTMS and provides ‘black box’ functions to store key events, data and variables on train journeys and to enable analysis later on.

The following activities are being carried out within the scope of the “Urban Security Management System (KGYS) and License Plate Recognition System (PTS)” contract executed by and between the Presidency of Defense Industries and ASELSAN;
·  Installation of Imaging Systems and License Plate Recognition Systems at locations to be determined by the Directorate General of Security (EGM) in 81 provinces of Turkey,
·  Integration, modernization and expansion of existing Urban Security Management Systems, 
·  Installation of Monitoring and Recording Systems in KGYS Centers, Main and Additional Service Buildings or Police Headquarters..
As OBSS, we provide services for the software and system engineering activities of these security systems developed by Aselsan.

As OBSS, we are involved in the development, validation, integration and field testing of the “BOTAŞ SCADA System” software which is a control system developed by Aselsan for BOTAŞ in order to monitor and control the BOTAŞ oil pipeline.

BOTAŞ National SCADA Project is an intelligent system aiming to remotely monitor, control and manage the pump and valve stations on the Batman-Dörtyol Crude Oil Pipeline on a 7/24 basis. Developed with a micro-service architecture, this system communicates with IoT devices at stations via various communication channels and provides bidirectional data transfer. The SCADA project runs various scenarios and status checks in the light of these data. The SCADA software that records all the data received from and transmitted to the stations and displays it to the users with the help of appropriate templates is capable of both remote and full control on the oil line.

As OBSS, we offer solutions in the field of Space Situational Awareness with our R&D and system engineering studies carried out by our expert staff consisting of engineers experienced in the field of aerospace. We design low-cost and high-efficiency distributed systems for equipment and tools that enable the detection of satellites, space junk and other objects in space. With the software that we develop, we enable the detection and analysis of objects detected in close space, as well as the performance of critical calculations such as their orbits and collision probabilities independent of the human factor.