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Corporate Culture Meet the Team Life at OBSS

We are a technology company with a purpose to empower people and the tech ecosystem. We stand out with our innovative, competitive yet understanding, can-do attitude so that we form long-lasting, reliable partnerships.

Corporate Culture


Our Purpose

We leverage technology to empower people and the ecosystem. Everything we do, serves our purpose since day 1 We constantly work to extend our range of positive influence for the technology ecosystem. First, within our organization, always supporting our people to grow and do better and second, continuously investing in long-term projects that support the people and the tech community as a whole. What we care to nourish, matters for the sustainability of the complete technology ecosystem.
Our values are:
1. Quality
2. Developing the Ecosystem
3. Customer Satisfaction
4. Transparency
5. Sustainability
6. Reliability
7. Competency


How We Work

We put 100% of our know-how, with a problem-solving, result-oriented and understanding, ‘can-do’ attitude. We are a reliable partner who adds value. That’s why leaders of their sectors choose to work with us continuously, 7+ years on average. We are innovative, competitive yet adaptable. Shifting on our partners’ mindsets, we exceed the boundaries of what is expected of us. We focus on the growth of people, who are passionate about advancing technology. We care deeply about growing the generations, who will take it to the next level. We invest in educating, mentoring, and cultivating talent with several programs within the company, and externally in the tech ecosystem.

obss business landing

Meet the Team


OBSS was established in 2005 as a software and consulting company with the entrepreneurial spirit generated by knowledge and courage. Today, as one of Turkey’s largest corporate technology consulting companies, it continues its operations with the same excitement! Our team, who has a high level of technical knowledge and carried OBSS to its current position, is the main source of our success in the services we provide to the important corporations and establishments in our country.

Our Team

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Years of Sector Experience





obss business landing

Life at OBSS

We work hard, play hard!

We provide the environment to grow and support a diverse, inclusive culture for you to become the best of you. Check out what life at OBSS is like…


The Power of Community!

Our teammates work from various locations, and yet we find the time to get together and enjoy ourselves. We value keeping our connections tight, so we frequently organize social events where we bond more and welcome our newcomers.


Social Activities and Clubs

We recognize the diverse social needs and aspirations of our teammates. Therefore we encourage a social environment where our OBSS teammates interact and spend time on their interests and hobbies. We organize simultaneous activities in different cities such as cooking, go-kart driving, yoga, football, tennis, concerts and cinema.
Our teammates continuously exchange ideas and get ready for new organizations through their social clubs, available on our mobile app “OBSS Social.”


Happy Hours and Get-togethers

We have great time together at our happy hours in Istanbul and Ankara offices, as well as occasional get-togethers. We embrace our colleagues living in different cities, who get-together along with us.